Newport Emergency Eye Care

Emergency eye care in Newport

Newport emergency eye care

Newport emergency eye care

Taking care of your eyes is absolutely essential, so knowing where to go in the event of an emergency should be a priority. Eye emergencies need to be taken care of right away. Depending on the concern, the issue can quickly grow worse, and when vision damage or loss is on the line, it is always best to get prompt care quickly. If you are in need of Newport emergency eye care, then all you have to do is visit us here at Jeffrey H Brown Optometry to get the proper care you need as quickly as possible.

There are several things that may constitute an eye emergency. In general, however, anything out of the ordinary should be looked at by an eye doctor as soon as possible. Namely, any changes in vision, any symptoms such as pain or discomfort, or any changes to the appearance of the eye may be considered an eye emergency. Injuries are more obvious, and even less common injuries like retinal tears or detachments can cause symptoms you may not expect. In cases such as these, a darkening of peripheral vision, flashing lights or loss of vision may indicate a torn or detached retina. Care is needed immediately if you want any chance of repairing the retina and restoring eyesight. Issues like discharge, pain, redness, irritation and itching can be a sign of infection or severe allergies, both of which require medication. Here at Jeffrey H Brown Optometry, we can perform Newport emergency eye care while also providing comprehensive checkups for the whole family which can help reduce the chances of developing an eye disease or other concern.

Eye issues should never be ignored or overlooked. If you need Newport emergency eye care or routine care, then Dr. Brown can make sure you are provided with the proper care, treatment, and medication where necessary. If you need emergency eye care, visit us here at Jeffrey H Brown Optometry as soon as you can.

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