Newport Dry Eyes

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Dry Eyes in Newport

Newport Dry Eyes
Newport Dry Eyes

Thank you for visiting Jeffrey H. Brown Optometry. We’re your expert eye doctor who specializes in dry eyes, optical care, vision correction and more. To schedule an appointment for Newport dry eyes treatment, call us today for more information. Patients can also schedule an appointment on our website, or call us to make one. Come in to visit and check out our up to date offices, which are appointed fully to make you comfortable.

Dry eye syndrome is a common problem that can be chronic or seasonal. Chronic dry eye can happen as a result of a lack of tear production, or a lack of high quality tears. If the eyes do not produce enough tears, they cannot keep up with evaporation. Windy and sunny conditions can exacerbate the problem. Dry conditions can also. If the problem stems from lack of quality tears, the eyes will not be lubricated properly and can become highly irritated. Those who have had LASIK surgery are more at risk for dry eyes as well. Dry eyes can not only cause discomfort, but also corneal damage if not treated properly. Treatment methods include eye drops, avoiding allergens that can irritate eyes, and prescription pills or prescription eye drops for more severe cases.

For extreme cases of Newport dry eyes, surgery or specially designed tear duct plugs to help resolve the condition. Symptoms of dry eye include stinging and burning, blurry vision, excessive tearing of the eye and discomfort or visual disturbances.We have been serving the area for over 30 years, using advanced eye technology to serve you and your family and treat all your eyecare needs. Our full optical department carries the latest designer eyewear like Coach, Ray Ban and Cole Haan. Our department can help you find everything you need and help you try on glasses or order contact lenses.

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