Fountain Valley eyeglasses

Fountain Valley Eyeglasses

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Optical prescriptions in Fountain Valley

Fountain Valley eyeglasses
Fountain Valley eyeglasses

You might not think it, but how your glasses fit is an extremely important consideration when making that kind of purchase. Just a little bit off and it can severely affect comfortability as well as lens effectiveness. For well-fitting frames and accurate prescriptions don’t shy away from visiting Jeffrey H Brown Optometry, and treat yourself to Fountain Valley eyeglasses.

You might be thinking, “What should I even look out for when purchasing eyeglasses?” We’re about to explore that. For starters, keep an eye out for frame size. Ideally, the frames should rest comfortably on your face like a glove. Notice how the overall frame width works with your face’s width. The next thing to keep in mind is eye positioning. Each eye should (horizontally) be centered in the lens within 5mm of lens center. Inside, but never outside. If it helps, try to envision the lens divided into four equal (25%) sections. Eyes should be rest within the 25% portion that’s just above center. Give yourself permission to experiment with frame shapes, as these are also an important factor in this kind of purchase. Frame shapes aren’t a one-size-fits-all deal, so you’ll want to see which one best suits your face. And, of course, an updated optical prescription is, by far, the most important information bullet you don’t want to forget about. Wearing glasses with outdated prescriptions is a sure-fire way to cause even more damage to your eyes, as they strain to self-correct due to the mismatch in lens prescription. Treat yourself to Jeffrey H Brown Optometry and get first-rate Fountain Valley eyeglasses.

It’s time to stop seeing the world through a clouded filter, and take every beautifully vivid detail the world has to offer—unencumbered by poor vision. Come today to Jeffrey H brown Optometry and peruse our impressive selection of Fountain Valley eyeglasses.

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