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Fountain Valley Eye Test

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Diabetic eye examinations in Fountain Valley

Fountain Valley eye test
Fountain Valley eye test

Everyone should readily think of their eye health and do what they can to protect it. When it comes to keeping up with exams and checkups, everyone should see their eye doctor about once a year for testing, but this is especially true for people who have diabetes. Diabetes is a very serious blood disorder that can affect many aspects of your health, including your eye health specifically. Here at Jeffrey H Brown Optometry we can provide you with your annual Fountain Valley eye test as well as with more frequent exams and other forms of treatment if you happen to have diabetes.

People with diabetes really need to manage their symptoms and take care of their health. Even if they do all they can to take care of their diabetes, it is still important that they visit specialists and doctors in other areas of medicine to make sure that those aspects of their health are in good shape, too. Diabetes can increase your risk of developing a number of diseases, health problems and other complications, so frequent exams and testing can help tremendously. People who have diabetes are more likely to suffer from eye related conditions like cataracts, glaucoma, or even develop conditions that are unique to people with diabetes like diabetic retinopathy. With a regular Fountain Valley eye test here at Jeffrey H Brown Optometry you can stay on top of your eye health and your eye health needs. The best way to treat eye problems is to make sure that diseases that develop are caught as early on as possible. Diabetic eye examinations may be scheduled more frequently than once a year depending on the severity of your health and other factors.

When it comes to your health, check ups and exams are always helpful and can identify issues before vision damage or vision loss can occur. To schedule your next Fountain Valley eye test, call us here at Jeffrey H Brown Optometry today.

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