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Fountain Valley Emergency Eye Care

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Emergency eye care in Fountain Valley

Fountain Valley emergency eye care
Fountain Valley emergency eye care

When you have an eye emergency, there should be no delay at all in getting the situation addressed. Here at Jeffrey H. Brown Optometry, you can depend on us for your urgent needs.

You may be wondering what is considered an eye emergency, and the answer is that anything that poses a possible threat to your vision or the well-being of your eyes qualifies. However, just to give you some ideas of the common reasons that patients come in for our Fountain Valley emergency eye care, it may be due to your eye being cut with something sharp or having suffered chemical contamination, eye discharge, sudden vision loss, eye pain. Eye redness, the effects of eye disease (diagnosed or not), an eye infection, or a foreign object that has become stuck in your eye. If possible, call our office immediately or have someone else do so on your behalf. Let us know that you are on the way, and tell us what the cause is, as best as you can describe. Part of our Fountain Valley emergency eye care is to provide you with expert advice and guidance, which can make a big difference in how likely it is to achieve a positive outcome from the circumstances. At our office, we have all of the equipment that is necessary for making an accurate and timely diagnosis. Be assured that you are in the hands of a skilled and experienced specialist, and that everything possible will be done to ensure that you do not suffer any undue eye damage or vision loss.

We suggest that you keep the number for our Fountain Valley emergency eye care programmed in your home phone, work phone, and mobile phone. It’s important that you don’t waste a single moment when an urgent eye-related need comes up.

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